Iceland could be know as the land of waterfalls. There are so many that nobody knows how many there are exactly. In the Winter, some waterfalls can freeze but the larger waterfalls keep flowings. Sightseeing travelers can be treated to fantastic ice features at these waterfalls.

Skutafoss Winter

East Iceland waterfall

Skutafoss is hidden away in a secret valley. This scene is captured from inside a cave. It well known to locals but difficult to find if you are driving yourself because it is not sign posted or visible from the road.

We often photograph this waterfall on our Winter workshops.

Winter Gullfoss

Winter Gullfoss

Access can be difficult at Gullfoss in the Winter. Often the path is too slippery so an advisory notice tries to prevent sightseers from getting close. There are good views from the safe viewing platforms and hot drinks at the cafe to warm visitors up after their sightseeing adventure.

The Gullfoss waterfall is a main feature on Golden Circle sightseeing tours.


Winter Godafoss

Goðafoss waterfall is the jewel in North Iceland’s crown. Known as the waterfall of the Gods, Godafoss is easily one of the most attractive waterfalls in Iceland. Sightseeing can be good in both Summer and Winter with easy access year round.

We visit Godafoss on our multi-day photo tours, but it is also possible as a day tour from Akureyri or Myvatn.


Winter Seljalandsfoss

Seljalandsfoss is the waterfall that offers the rare sightseeing treat of going behind the falls. Access is sometimes closed if it is too slippery. Anti-slip foot wear is essential if you are brave enough to access the frozen path.

This amazing waterfall s featured on most South Coast sightseeing tours.

Sightseeing tours & activities

Here we list a collection of sightseeing tours and nature activities from our partners. These are high quality tours by licensed Icelandic Tour operators. Each is well established in its field and employs quality staff for a professional sightseeing experience.

Iceland has sightseeing marvels in almost every part of the country. You don’t have to go far to witness amazing nature and incredible scenes. There are also opportunities for extreme activities with experienced guides.The tours sold here are designed to enhance your stay in Iceland above and beyond your expectations.

There are so many sights to see in Iceland… and so many things to do. These guided tours will make sure your sights are seen in a fun and enlightening way. Featured below are just a sample of tours on offer. Please explore the top menu links for the full range of Sightseeing tours and Nature activities.

Reykjavik City

Here is a featured collection of Reykjavik based tours, activities and exhibitions. Click the link for the full selection.


Reykjavik activities and exhibitions

Sightseeing areas

Here you can find sightseeing tours and activities in most areas of Iceland.

Classic Day tours from Reykjavik

These are well established routes. Each is designed to give you the best of Iceland in a day tour.

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Northern Lights

Available Late August – Early AprilThe Aurora Borealis can be the most memorable part of your Iceland Winter trip. The key is flexibility on the part of the hosts and the guest.

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All Northern lights Tours


Iceland is simply breathtaking from a plane or helicopter. These activities will take you to infinity and beyond.

Horse riding

Icelandic horses are the friendliest in the world. Getting on one is an amazing way to start your Iceland adventure.

Glacier activities

Glaciers offer extreme adventure activities. Qualified guides ensure your enjoyment and safety.

Whales, puffins & sea tours

Tours out to sea can give you access to some of Iceland’s most pleasant inhabitants.

10% Discount for photo tour customers.

If you book a private photo tour, you will receive a coupon code with your ticket. This code will give you automatic 10% discount on the Whale watching tours advertised here.

Extreme Iceland activities

Look no further for your adrenaline based activities. Many of the Glacier activities are extreme, but here is a collection of the rest.
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Extreme activities

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